Why am I here?

This venture started as a fun thing to entertain my friends and family on social media during lockdowns and throughout various pandemic times. With so many options, I decided to put this into newsletter so those that I know that aren’t on certain platforms can find the fun here.

Why subscribe?

Probably not right now.

We’re no longer posting updates about our lovely imaginary co-workers, which we’re kinda happy about but we do hope you enjoy the venture down memory lane.

I loved sharing the stories of these characters who had entertained people since their inception in April 2020. You should be able to see all of the posts directly on the Substack.

Am I an original?

Absolutely not. I saw this tweet back in March 2020 and immediately jumped on it. I’m not on Twitter but if I was, I’d retweet @mollytolsky for her hilarious idea that has kept my family and friends laughing and imaginging all through these pandemic time. Thank you Molly.

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